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    Singapore GP

    roni moura

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    Singapore GP

    Post by roni moura on Tue Apr 05, 2016 12:32 am

    strategy discussion: 2 stops for people with poor package and 3 stops may work well for strong packages, well, a bad grid position is not necessarily a bad thing with the help of the boosts
    although you still need some luck with the boosts.

    A high demand in Acceleration is required here, so your Gear is your top gun but if you lack Acceleration from the Gear, your next great source of Acceleration is your *RearWing* followed closely by Engine then with still good help from Electronics, then Suspension and Chassis, also still working effectively is your Brakes and FrontWings because of the Handling demands of this track, well, the Brakes can be key if let's say that everyone is lacking Acceleration (as it is expected from the Acceleration side). Here, not only the overtaking is Hard but there's also a high tendency of the driver making extra mistakes, so really any Overtaking risk is too risky.

    Still be careful as a 3 stopper because of what happened in Sakhir last race, Sakhir seemed like a good place and temperature for a 3 stopper but 2 stops was way better (even 1 stop slightly better!) than a 3 stopper in all categories, probably due to the low demands, despite a single high demand in Power, i guess that's not enough and not everyone is willing to spend money on a high level Engine when break downs in Sakhir is common.

    Thus, analysing Singapore a little deeper, your parts won't suffer high wear so that makes it a good place to spend your money in parts, though in Amateur you need risk 100 if you are coming from a poor grid position as a 3 stopper.

    Amateurs 3 stopper can go with EXTRASOFT Risk 65 FHF (Force His Way To The Front) but keep your Overtaking/Blocking at zero please and you should be fine. If possible, try to sacrifice some tyres at first stint because the temperature is much higher for last stint.

    Example of a PIPIRELLI 3 stops high risks (season 36)

    Risks: 6-6-75-0 EXTRASOFT
    Lap 16 The tyres could not do any more laps; tyres 6% at 11,25°C/ 5.4 liters left
    Lap 32 The tyres could not do any more laps; tyres 1% at 14,88°C/ 5.4 liters left
    Lap 48 The tyres could not do any more laps; tyres 1% at 15,00°C/ 5.4 liters left
    Ending with 12 liters left/ Total fuel = 222 liters

    PHA/88 82 83
    Chassis 6 19% 39% 20%
    Engine 6 0% 15% 15%
    Front Wing 5 28% 53% 25%
    Rear Wing 5 24% 46% 22%
    Underbody 7 0% 25% 25%
    Sidepods 8 0% 25% 25%
    Cooling 7 0% 21% 21%
    Gearbox 5 25% 46% 21%
    Brakes 6 33% 64% 31%
    Suspension 5 31% 50% 19%
    Electronics 6 63% 80% 17%

    Concentração 231
    Talento 100
    Agressividade 0
    Experiência 199
    Conhec. Técnico 206
    STAMINA 87
    Carisma 137
    Motivação 42
    Reputação 0
    Peso 57
    Idade 33
    Pistas Favoritas [Magny Cours, Paul Ricard]

    Note that the temperature from 2nd and 3rd stint will be our temperature so Risk 75 will be on the rim and even worse if your package is inferior, particularly i don't even think it's possible to use risk 75 because his package was too good (note his Handling 82+ Driver Experience 199!!) so risk 65 or even 60 with starting risk FHF (force his way to the front) is recommendable.

    QUALIFY RISKS: I noticed most people using PUSH TO THE LIMIT without any problems but i believe that PUSH A LOT is safer from casual mistakes, so i recommend PUSH A LOT for most people.

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